Tel. 01603 628 897

Address.  176 Hall Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 2PP

email. howardsneutering@gmail.com

Worried about the cost of your pet's healthcare?

At Howard's Neutering Clinic we do our best to ensure that your pet gets the care it needs. As a limited service provider we do not have the same level of services, staffing and facilities as a full-scale practice and can keep our prices lower to encourage owners to get basic preventative work done at our Veterinary Clinic.


For affordable veterinary services please call

01603 628 897

All our quoted prices are fully inclusive, except where extras are requested, and include any necessary aftercare.

Sorry, from the end of February 2018 we stopped doing dog operations.



Spay female, 4-5 months £50 Castrate male 4-5 months £40

6 months and over £58 female, £44 male.


FERRETS 0ver 6 months

Spay female £65 Castrate male £55


RABBITS any time over 4 months.

Spay female £65 - £75 Castrate male £55- £65

Giant breeds: up to £10 extra.



Spay female £70    Castrate male £60



Castrate male £60


For more prices and further details see the attached price list.


Payment is by cash  or card.

Cards are processed by WorldPay

The card must be in the owner's name and presented by the owner.

Cheques will only be accepted from charities.