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Pet dental services

We can now offer routine dental scaling and basic extractions under general anaesthesia for cats and rabbits


Cats need to be under 14 years old and in good health at the point of the procedure. Check-ups necessary if they are over 10 years old.


Rabbit dental work can only be done while the animal is still eating normally. If it is already off its food it may need more specialised care, which we cannot provide.


Please note - If your pet has received treatment in the last six months, we may need to get a case history. We do not normally accept cases that are under treatment by another veterinary practice.

No-one likes to think about the end of their pet's life, but sadly, that time will come. It is the pet-owner's responsibility to decide when the quality of their pet's life has deteriorated to the point where the only kindness is to bring that life to an end.


Hopefully you will not make that decision alone but will have the support and advice of the pet's usual veterinary surgeon, who is the best person to assist you with this. If you need more help with the decision, we can arrange a consultation to discuss your options. You can change your mind up to the last moment.


What we can offer is:


• A separate appointment: you will not have to wait in a busy waiting room nor go out through it afterwards

• Time to go through the procedure without rushing

• The chance to have the pet put to sleep at home, avoiding the stress of transporting it

• The disposal of the body, if you do not wish to bury it, either by routine cremation or by separate cremation and return of the ashes, which we can help you arrange


We are willing to visit within a reasonable distance, we do not do this as an emergency service: the visit needs to be arranged, at the latest, by 10 am for a visit on the same day. We may be able to arrange an evening visit.


Please note, I reserve the right to refuse to put an animal to sleep if I believe it cannot be justified.

Pet euthanasia

To book your pet services today, call our team on:

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Friendly pet services

Whether you are looking for passports, dental care or any other veterinary services, you can always be assured of professional and compassionate service.

PetCheck (by appointment only)

We offer a check-up and advice service for all pet species (mammals and small birds at a set price of £15